Window Cleaning Brent Cross

Window CleaningYou can use our services to maintain the windows in your residential and commercial property impeccable and rid of dirt. We offer inexpensive and effective window cleaning services which can be used by the residents living in Brent Cross any day of the week.

Our cleaners are trained to work with platforms, reach and wash systems, cradles and other technologies for cleaning high windows. They can do the work safely and professionally, ensuring the spotless condition of the window glasses, frames and sills.

If you need professional cleaning of the internal and external windows in your property, get in touch with us any time. Our cleaners will check the position of the windows in the estate and conduct the most suitable method for reaching and cleaning them.

“Your window cleaning service has made all the difference in how my house looks. Not only is it shinier, but now more light gets in during the day. Besides it really makes my home look cleaner than before. I’m certain that I’m going to use your service again.” – Mike


Window Cleaning Internal External
One Bedroom Property £20 £40
Two Bedroom Property £30 £60
Three Bedroom Property £40 £80
Four Bedroom Property £50 £100

Professional Window Cleaners Brent Cross

We can guarantee you:

  • Using of the cost-effective water fed pole cleaning system
  • Working from platforms that are hydraulic or mounted
  • Applying conventional window cleaning
  • Safe using of cradles and ropes to access high windows
  • Washing and wiping the internal and external surfaces of the windows, sills and frames

If you need help with the washing of the windows in your home, office, rented or business property, get in touch with our representatives. They will schedule a day and time for your window cleaning to be implemented. We offer inexpensive services which guarantee complete and fast sanitising of window glasses, ledges and frames.

Internal and External Window Cleaning

Interior Window CleaningOur employees work in line with the health and safety regulations. They can use platforms, cradles, reach and wash systems, ropes and conventional cleaning methods. Our window cleaning services are available in Brent Cross at reasonable rates.

Using squeegees, extensions, purified water and cleaning solutions for windows in some cases, our staff can remove all stains, bird droppings, dust and grime from every window. They can do the work from the ground using extensions or with the help of platforms, cradles and ropes to access the higher windows. Schedule the window cleaning which you need by using our services that we provide in Brent Cross and you will have perfectly washed and spotless windows.